Duvalay Buying Guide - Help me choose the right Duvalay!

Are you struggling to decide which Duvalay product is best for you? You know you need something to improve your sleep whilst on the road in your campervan or caravan – but which solution will give you the ultimate night’s sleep?

Read on as we guide you through all the options to help you decide!

Choose from one of these 3 options

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can be added to any mattress or cushion base to add extra comfort and softness. An inexpensive way to upgrade your matrress for a better night's sleep.

Use two Duvalay sleeping bags together to form a double

Sleeping Bag

The Duvalay Sleeping bag is the best of both worlds - a luxurious mattress topper, and cosy duvet combined to offer a portable and comfortable sleeping solution!

Custom campervan, motorhome, caravan Duvalay mattress


A replacement mattress or a new mattress for a self built campervan or motorhome. Specially developed for leisure vehicles, to reduce weight and to be extremely comfortable. Custom shapes and sizes are available.

How is your current mattress?

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Bumpy & Uneven

Your bed may be made up from seat cushions making it bumpy and uncomfortable. Or perhaps the base is contoured leading to an uneven surface. Choose from luxury Comfort memory foam, or Freshtec foam:

flat bed

Smooth But Too Firm

If your existing bed is smooth, but is a little bit too firm, and just needs to offer a little extra comfort & support then our compact memory foam is the ideal choice. If you get too warm in bed, consider the Freshtec option:

Compact Mattress topper

The compact mattress topper is perfect for lumpy uneven beds or for when more comfort and support is required. The Compact memory foam topper is 2.5cm thick, and will transform any bed or mattress! Choose from the travel topper, available in a range of sizes, which rolls up tidily for easy storage. Alternatively, the Custom Compact Topper can be made any shape or size so can be used in motorhomes, caravans or campervans with fixed beds.

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

Travel Topper in 2.5cm Compact memory foam, rolls up neatly making it easy to carry and store. The perfect portable option for camping, caravans or campervans.

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper Bundle

Save money with a bundle - includes travel topper, zipped cover and matching pillow case in a choice of colours, a pillow and a convenient carry bag!

Campervan Mattress Topper

Custom Mattress Topper

We can custom make the toppers to fit any shape bed. So whether you have a french or island bed, or have built your campervan by hand, we can provide a mattress topper to fit your exact measurements!

Comfort Mattress topper

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

The Comfort foam in this range of toppers is 5cm thick, and available in silver or a denser gold option. A comfort Travel topper will make even the most uncomfortable bed feel like sleeping on a cloud!

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper bundle

Travel Topper Bundle

A great value bundle, includng topper, coloured cover, pillow case, carry bag and a pillow - a heavenly night's sleep in a bag!

comfort custom mattress topper main caravan motorhome 650x478 1

Custom Topper

A custom shaped 5cm memory foam topper will improve the comfort of any mattress - simply send us your sizes and we'll provide a tailored quote!

Freshtec Mattress topper

If you get too hot in bed, and always find yourself throwing the covers off to keep cool – then the Duvalay Freshtec foam topper was made for you!  This clever material aids airflow, keeping you fresh and cool while you sleep. 5cm deep it will add a luxurious layer to your sleeping surface to aid restful and refreshing sleep!

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper

A Freshtec Travel topper will keep you cool on your travels, and still packs away for convenience and storage.

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel Topper Bundle

Everything you need in one handy bag - topper, zipped cover, pillow and pillowcase. Keeping cool while you sleep just got even easier!

Campervan Mattress Topper with Freshtec

Custom Topper

A 5cm Coolong Freshtec mattress topper, made to any size to suit your bed or mattress. Ideal for travelling on the continent or in warmer climates!

What is your current bed like

Highland auto campers duvalay sleeping bag campervan lumpy bed

Bumpy or Uneven

If your bed is uneven and uncomfortable, choose a Comfort memory foam sleeping bag - guaranteed to smooth your way to a great night's sleep! For those that get too warm whilst camping, consider the Freshtec sleeping bag - it will keep you cool on your travels!

Highland auto campers duvalay sleeping bag campervan flat bed

Smooth but Too Firm

If your bed is already smooth and even, and you're just looking to add an extra layer of comfort then the Compact sleeping bag is the perfect choice. Go for the Freshtec option for warmer climates and adventures across the continent!

Compact Sleeping Bag

The Compact Sleeping Bag includes the ever popular 2.5cm memory foam topper – comfortable and easy to pack away, carry & store, saving valuable storage space when not in use.


Compact Sleeping Bag

Available in 3 foam widths, including a choice of coloured zipped covers, and either a winter or summer weight duvet. A handy strap makes it easy to roll up and store away.

Duvalay Compact Sleeping Bag Bundle

Compact Sleeping Bag Bundle

Save money with a Sleeping Bag bundle - which includes 2 duvets, a spare cover, 2 pillowcases and a storage bag - everything you need for an extended holiday or for quick changeovers between trips.

Comfort Sleeping Bag

The Comfort Sleeping bag has the choice of either a 4cm or ultra soft 5cm memory foam base – guaranteed to take the bumps out of any bed! Great to add an extra layer of comfort where space is not so important.

duvalay comfort sleeping bag 650x478 1

Comfort Sleeping Bag

A 4cm or 5cm memory foam topper makes this our most luxurious sleeping bag option. In a range of colours to complement your vehicle or home.


Comfort Sleeping Bag Bundle

Save money by opting for a bundle option - to include a convenient carry bag, spare cover, 2 pillow cases and both a summer and winter duvet. A sleeping Bag Bundle for all seasons!

Freshtec Sleeping Bag

The Freshtec Sleeping bag includes the exclusive Freshtec foam topper – in either 4cm or 5cm depth – guaranteed to help you sleep in comfort, even in warmer climates! The specially developed foam helps regulate body temperature aiding a refreshing night’s sleep – perfect for those that find traditional memory foam too warm and uncomfortable to sleep on.


Freshtec Sleeping Bag

4cm Freshtec foam makes this sleeping bag ultra comfortable, while 5cm adds even more support. Bear in mind the ticker option takes up more shpace when stored...

Duvalay Freshtec Sleeping Bag Bundle

Freshtec Sleeping Bag Bundle

Why not choose the Sleeping bag Bundle - which adds an additional cover, a pair of pillowcases, summer & winter duvet and an excellent carry bag to store everything in!

What's most important to you when choosing a new mattress?

Highland auto campers duvalay sleeping bag campervan lumpy bed

Soft & Easy Installation

The supremely comfortable D-Roll 6 inch memory foam mattress, delivered in a box, making it easy to install in your campervan or motorhome.

Highland auto campers duvalay sleeping bag campervan lumpy bed

Lightweight and Firm

The light weight D-Lite mattress is 45% lighter than a standard mattress. At 6 inches deep, and incorporating Freshtec cooling technology it will aid a restful night's sleep.

Highland auto campers duvalay sleeping bag campervan flat bed

Pocket Sprung

If you're looking for the ultimate mattress then the D-Luxe luxury pocket sprung mattress is for you! This 8 inch mattress offers outstanding comfort.