Will a Duvalay Mattress topper make my caravan or motorhome bed more comfortable?

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

This is a question we get asked all the time. So we thought we’d explain what a mattress topper is, and why they are the easiest way to make your bed more comfortable!

flat bed

Sleep is so important – a good nights sleep improves your mental well being. To have restful sleep your body needs to be well supported. A good sleeping surface should keep your spine in alignment. It should also distribute your body weight evenly.


Proper body support will help you avoid

  • Back and joint pain
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Snoring!
Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

So what can you do to help you get a good nights sleep?

A quick and easy way to improve your bed is to add a mattress topper. This can make your bed more supportive and help to reduce pressure points.

Many leisure vehicle seat cushions will serve 2 uses. Seating during the day and a bed at night. Both uses need different levels of firmness.

As a seat, the cushioning needs to be firmer as the weight of the body is centred on one point.


As a bed, the bodyweight is distributed over a wider area. This means a firm seat cushion is likely to be too firm as a bed. So, the perfect level of comfort for both uses is near impossible to achieve.

Seats that double as a bed are generally designed to offer the best support when sitting. This means they will be firm when used as a bed.

So what can you do to make your bed more comfortable?

Changing the cushions would be one option. But this still wouldn’t solve the problem as you would still have the same dilemma. The easier option is to add a memory foam mattress topper. This would be a quick and cost-effective solution.

Toppers can also be used to help improve the comfort of fixed bed mattresses. Again this is an easier and more cost-effective solution than replacing the mattress.

Here at Highland Auto Campers, we offer 2 ways to improve your existing bed. In this article, we will discuss mattress toppers.

Another option is the Duvalay sleeping bag system. This is a luxury sleeping bag that combines a mattress topper and a duvet. For more details on our Duvalay sleeping bags why not check out our article.

Check out this video by the Trudgians explaining how they made their caravan bed more comfortable:

Mattress toppers

We have 3 options when choosing a topper:

Travel Topper

This is the memory foam topper on its own and comes in 3 standard widths – 58cm, 66cm and 77cm (190cm / 6’3” long). The topper includes a removable cover. A colour co-ordinated fitted zipped sheet is also available. Travel toppers are designed to be rolled away using the provided straps. This saves space when not in use, making them easy to carry and store.

Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper
Highland auto campers duvalay mattress topper

Travel topper bundle

The travel topper bundle contains everything you need for your bed, including:
  • Your choice of foam travel topper with removable cover
  • A choice of pillow
  • A zipped fitted sheet in a range of colours
  • A matching colour co-ordinated pillowcase
  • A Storage bag for easy storage and transportation
Travel topper bundle

Custom memory foam mattress topper

If you have a mattress that does not suit the standard sizes available a custom memory foam topper may be the answer! These are available in any width up to 183cm (190cm / 6’3” in length). For an extra-wide mattress, you could opt for 2 separate toppers…

These can be made to any shape to suit your bed – such as an island or French-style bed. We have a vast library of bed dimensions for campervans, motorhomes and caravans on file. All we need is a make, model and year of manufacture and we can make it to suit your vehicle.

We also offer a Custom-fitted zipped sheet to match your custom topper.

Our custom toppers can also be made for non-standard sized beds. Simply send us a drawing and measurements of your bed, and we can provide a tailored quote.

Duvalay custom mattress topper

Which Type memory Foam Should I Choose?

All our memory foam mattress toppers come in a choice of 3 types of foam:

Compact Foam

This is the lightest and most compact mattress topper for easy storage. It uses the thinnest high-quality memory foam at 2.5cm and is ideal for when space is limited. When rolled up, it is 28cm wide, which makes it ideal for packing away in small lockers.

Shop for luxury Compact Travel Topper, Compact travel Topper Bundle or Compact Custom Mattress Topper

Comfort Foam

The comfort range is a thicker 5cm memory foam and is available in 2 grades:

5cm Silver Memory Foam 

The silver memory foam provides gentle support and pressure relief. It is ideal for those who sleep on their sides, or who suffer from joint pain.

5cm Gold Memory Foam 

The gold premium memory foam is a little firmer and offers full-body support and comfort. The gold memory foam is ideal for those who sleep on their front or back, and for those with neck or back conditions.
Comfort memory foam is perfect for those who want to smooth a lumpy bad, and those with more storage space. The luxurious comfort memory foam will improve any mattress. When rolled up the thickness of both comfort toppers still comes in at only 36cm.

Shop for luxury Comfort Travel Topper, Comfort travel Topper Bundle or Comfort Custom Mattress Topper

Freshtec Foam

The Freshtec topper offers the same pressure relief as the comfort foam. The open structure of Freshtec allows 30 times more airflow, helping to keep you cool while you sleep. Freshtec mattress toppers are 5cm deep and when rolled up are only 34cm in diameter.

Freshtec topper
Duvalay Freshtec Sleeping Bag

See a review of the Freshtec topper by The Trudgians:

We hope this has helped explain what a Duvalay mattress topper is – and why you need one in your life!
They are a fantastic choice for the outdoor adventurer. A luxury upgrade for your sleeping comfort.
If you have any questions about the Duvalay mattress topper range please get in touch!

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